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Joan Marie has been in practice since 1990. She offers Meditative Massage, classes, Ceremony and a gallery for her original Artwork, prints and custom designs available for purchase. Joan honors the Divine Feminine through the Magdalene Archetype and has created a sacred space for meditation, movement, and the Breath of Peace. Cultivating Kindness is a compassionate tool for communication. Enter the Orchid is a sacred space for our Community. We offer many events, classes and teachings, including a home for Healing Hands Healing Hearts, Compassionate Capitol Region, and the Peace Pole Garden Project. Mirth to Earth offers Fine Art Photography by Lonnie Winston Jr, Graphic Design by Joan Marie and all forms of Printing, including Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, vinyl hanging or retractable banners, business cards, window cling signs and so much more.

Cultivating Kindness Cards

to cultivate kindness, you have to give it away...

A simple way to cultivate kindness is by thinking of ourselves as Gardeners. Just as every acorn holds the capacity for the oak tree, every seed of kindness contains the potential Fruit of our Spirit. Not only nourishing ourselves but nourishing all minds, hearts and souls; kindness seems to dissolve all boundaries and exists through the act of sharing.

There is a variety of original phrases and images creating a total of 52 cards. Choose a card for your own contemplation and inspiration or choose one for a special person or occasion. Plant a card in someone's pocket, purse, suitcase, laptop or lunchbox. Be creative and have fun planting your kindness garden! A card may open a window for communication when a relationship is challenged or a way to show appreciation or support. We never know how or when a simple act of kindness will change our world. 

So lets sow our seeds with a pure heart and mirthful abandon!

Cultivating Kindness Cards are available at Enter the Orchid

Purchase $1.00 each or $1.50 with envelope and 1 blank card
4x4 Acrylic Magnet plus card $6.00
4x4 framed card $10
Any image can be put on metal or canvas in larger sizes and also customized

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." Lao-Tze

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